A remarkable place on earth.

Our beautiful nature

If you love the outdoors and our beautiful nature, you have to visit the Shete Boka Park!

You will be amazed by the waves crashing on the limestone cliffs and the beautiful pocket bays, or
“boka's”. The open landscape provides beautiful long views and picture moments of the rugged
Curacao's North coast.


Limestone formations

This formation consist of the sedimentary skeletal remains of corals, forming terraces that were build
and deposited in times of changing sea levels.

The pocket bays, or boka's, have been eroded and shaped by rainwater from higher hills an
Christoffel Mountain.

The beautiful limestone cliffs are shaped by the crashing waves from the sea.


Nesting Sea Turtles

Our park plays an important role in the conservation of endangered sea turtles as the park provides
protected nesting habitat.

More information about our sea turtle conservation program and our research can be found here. 

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The Curacao Lava Formation

This formation consists, as the name already implies, of volcanic rocks and is the basalt base layer on
which the limestone formation has developed.

In the pocket bays, or boka's, alluvial soils of this formation are deposited, providing nutrients for the
evergreen vegetation in the lowest parts of the boka's.

Although at most outcrops these rocks are badly weathered, a remarkable feature found within the
rocks are pillow shaped structures. Therefore these rocks are also known as pillow-lava or pillow

 Stone Stacking
Beautiful, but please don't

Stone stacking negatively alters important beach habitat for nesting sea turtles and therefore is
prohibited in the park. Please care for and protect our turtles.