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We want to make sure you enjoy the park safely!

A team of park rangers makes sure our visitors have an unforgettable experience in the park. Besides maintaining the trails and offering tours and guided hikes, the rangers also look after our flora and fauna where necessary.  


  • Entrance to the park is at your own risk.

  • Please stay on the trails, car routes and use the observation platforms for your own safety.

  • No smoking and no fires.

  • No stone stacking

  • No littering in our park, please bring your litter back with you or use the trash bins.

  • Bring enough water, sunscreen and make sure to wear suitable clothes and shoes.

  • Limit both your exertion and your exposure to the heat if you have asthma, diabetes, heart condition or other medical health issues.

  • Do not leave any articles in your, lock your car and make sure to turn your car lights off.

  • Make sure to leave the park before 4:30 PM

To ensure your utmost safety in the park we ask you to read and understand our safety regulations and always follow up on requests from our team once you are in the park. 

More questions?    

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